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Unique Baby Gel Sampler Candles

Votive size jar candles perfect for sampling some of our most popular fragrances. Crafted with the highest quality gel wax available, baby gels burn for approximately 30 hours. Each one is handpoured with a dainty dash of fairy dust after you have placed your order, to guarantee the freshest candle possible. Don't let their small size turn you away, as each candle gives a nice fragrance punch.Scatter these little beams of candle light amongst the decorations on your mantle. They also make terrific favors.

If you have any special instructions such as color, please type it in the "Special Instructions" box below.

[ $3.25 USD each ]

Special Instructions
A Great & Inexpensive Gift Idea!

Order 3 different baby gel fragrances and we will happily
gift-wrap them at no extra charge. We'll even attach a personalized hang tag for the recipient with your special message.

Please type any special instructions such as fragrance choices and hang tag text in the "Special Instructions" box below.

[ $9.00 USD each ]

Special Instructions

Fragrance Descriptions



Angel Wings- Baby soft angel feathers caress you.



Apples & Oak- Bring back the days of hay rides and hot apple cider.



Baby Powder- Take a deep breath of fresh from the bath baby innocence.



Banana Nut Bread- This household staple smells absolutely yummy in candle form!



Black Cherry- A tidal wave of cherries.



Brandied Pear- Poached pears in an elegant brandy syrup.



Bunchberry & Moss- A colony of bunchberries, scarlet fruits glowing against a carpet of damp moss.



Buttermint- Creamy, melt in your mouth refreshment.



Brewed Jasmine- Vines of jasmine basking in rays of tropical sunshine.



Cantaloupe Lily- Blend of cantaloupe and tiger lily.



Cape Cod Cranberry- Traditional Massachusetts cranberry straight from the bog.



Cappuccino- Hot & frothy java delight.



Caramel Comfort- Warm and gooey caramel.



Cherry Cobbler- A Bubbling lake of juicy cherries dotted with mounds of sweet warm cake.



Christmas Cabernet- Holiday wine against a backdrop of strawberries & grapes.



CK 1 (type)- Similar to the popular cologne by Calvin Klein.



Country Apples- Our version of the bath and BBW body works fragrance. A true apple scent with a touch of homespun flavor.



Cowboy Blues- A blend of leather and denim.



Crystal Clear Citrus- Like standing over a cutting board while slicing fresh grapefruits, oranges and lemons. Pure and unmistakable!



Dream Catcher- Sweet dreams filled with stardust and moonbeams and a breeze of light musk.



Fallen Leaf- A warm and sunny path lit with crimson, gold and rust in the Autumn woods.



Faerie Angel- Our version of the Theirry Mugler scent Angel.



Figgy Melon- A mingling of sweet fig and ripe musk melon. A winner with wine enthusiasts everywhere.



Freesia Petals- A duplicate of the BBW Bath and Body Works fragrance Freesia.



Fresh Lemon- True & Zesty lemons.



Fresh Linen- Light and clean scent of laundry dried fresh in the air and sun.



Gardenia- Exquisite perfume drifts from masses of creamy white flowers.



Ginger Peach- Succulent peaches enhanced with a smidgen of ginger.



Granny’s Kitchen- The aroma of grandma baking oatmeal spice cookies.



Hazelnut Supreme- A dollop of whipped crème fraîche topped with toasted hazelnut pieces. Garnished with shredded coconut.



Hearth Sweet Hearth- A lush curtain of spices against a dried floral backdrop. A home sweet home type scent.



Herbal Fields- Meadows of mint, sweet grasses, Queen Anne’s lace and other wild flowers.



Home for Christmas- Duplicate of the Yankee candle fragrance Home for the Holidays. Warm smelling scent with layers of baking cookies, pine garland, strings of popcorn, oranges & spice.



Honey Pear- Sweet pears drizzled with honey.



Honeydew- Scent of the familiar juicy, pale green fleshed melon.



Hot Apple Pie- Nothing says cozy like warm apple pie.



Iced Pineapple- Chilled fresh pineapple wedges.



Lavender- Tufts of lavender sparkle with the tranquility of the morning dew.



Lemon Verbena Lift- Uplifting blend of lemon verbena and ginseng.



Lilac- Old-fashioned charmer that’s always in style.



Lily of the Valley- delicate spring flowers.



Love Spell (type)- A Dupe of the female fragrance by VS Victoria’s Secret.



Mac-apple- Crunch into our favorite apple.



Mulberry- This thick fruity fragrance is a Christmas classic and a year round favorite.



Oatmeal Milk & Honey- Warm and creamy are these oats soaked in steamed milk, swirls of honey and a hint of ground cinnamon.



Peach Sorbet- A melting scoop of delicate peach crystals.



Peanut Butter Bliss- Straight from the oven, the bliss of freshly baked peanut butter cookies.



Perfectly Iced Tea- A tall glass of refreshing tea steeped with just the right amount of sweetness.



Pink Sugar (type)- A duplicate of the female fragrance by Aquoline.



Plumeria- Fragrant Hawaiian blossoms.



Pumpkin Pickin- A harvest of Autumn’s bounty, pumpkins, cider, hay and other fall delights.



Pumpkin Spice- Buttery pumpkins & spice.



Pure Vanilla- Velvety, French vanilla, nothing artificial about it.



Rain- Clean and pure, like the first few minutes, just when it starts to rain.



Raspberry- A thicket full of raspberry fruit & raspberry blossoms.



Red Currant- An extremely tart red berry, not overly sweet.



Rosemary Sage- Super stimulating herb infusion.



Sandalwood- Strong exotic Indian fragrance.



Scotch Pine- Pine boughs bushy with fresh cut fragrance.



Secret Waterfall- A peaceful mist surrounds you as you discover the tranquility of a hidden waterfall.



Shortbread- Crispy, buttery Christmas cookie.



Spiced Sugarplums- Dreamy fragrance of sugarplums and a touch of spice will dance in your head.



Star of Wonder- A silent night, the star shines bright and a generous gift of Frankincense & Myrrh.



Sundance- Apricots & clementine abound in our sunny citrus orchard.



Sunflowers- Perky petals reminiscent of the feminine fragrance by Elizabeth Arden.



Vanilla Lavender- Lavender blended with a generous dollop of vanilla.



Vanilla Voodoo- Smooth and soulful vanilla that will put you under its spell.



Vermont Maple Crunch- A stack of hot griddle cakes crowned with warm Vermont maple syrup.



Wedding Day ((type)- Dupe of the Yankee Candle scent. Soft and clean smelling wedding bouquet.



Winter Wonderland- Clear cool forest of Pine.

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